The Court Jester is a 2.5D sidescroller. The game stars Domitian, a court jester who seeks to kill the emperor in order to seize power for himself. But when his plan nearly gets him killed, Domitian makes a pact with a fallen god who grants him powerful magical abilities to help him seize the throne. To reach his goal, Domitian must traverse a brutal world where allies stab you in the back, priests hurl fireballs from on high, and gods and emperors alike are savage killers.

It’s my first full game and the gameplay’s pretty rough around the edges but I do think the story’s pretty solid.

Download link coming soon...


-over 20 level spanning six diverse environments

-a story featuring quirky and memorable characters

-turn wounded foes into Ghouls who fight at your side

-an unlockable hard mode, boss rush, and more